Members laughing during a rest period at one of our Strong & Steady classes

Our classes are:

  • inclusive and social, with plenty of time to chat in between activities
  • based around a circuit which means you get a full-body workout
  • tailored to your individual needs. Coaches will check in at the start of the session to ensure they can adapt
  • suitable for beginners and advanced people.

We welcome all bodies to our gym.

Strength circuit

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday at 6pm

A circuit of movements which develop strength and mobility, using barbells and bodyweight. Learn how to lift weights in a safe environment.


All-round weightlifting

Monday, Thursday 7:45pm

Develop strength by learning classic weightlifting exercises. Including powerlifting (squat, bench and deadlift), and olympic weightlifting (snatch, clean and jerk).

Strong and steady

Wednesday at 6pm

A fun, full-body strength training class with some circuits. Build fitness while training strength and endurance.


Barbell basics

Wednesday at 7:05pm

Improve your lifting by focusing on foundational barbell movements and exercises. Suitable for beginners and experienced people.


Stretch and strengthen

Tuesday at 7:15pm

Movements that restore mobility and build strength, adapted to your current flexibility.

Punk aerobics

Tuesday at 7:15pm

Punk Aerobics combines classic punk culture with simple aerobic exercises. A fun way to introduce movement!

PBs and pizzas

Last Friday of the month

This is an un-coached, social session where you can test your strength in a non-competitive, celebratory environment. PB stands for Personal Best.

Free for co-op members.


Mindful movement

Mondays at 6pm

Using the breath to lead us, we’ll move through a sequence of bodyweight movements to explore our range of mobility, and build stability and flexibility. We’ll also explore some playful balancing postures.

"I love lifting weights at the gym. It’s made me feel so empowered. As a plus-size person, I've always felt judged and had my body commented on countless times. It’s so great to know that no ones going to suggest a diet, or talk about how they don’t want to live in a body like mine or give me the "what’s that fatty doing in here" look."
Gym member
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