Our timetable has been co-created to meet the interests of our members and get the best from our coaches. We regularly review it to ensure we have the right mix of location, format, timing and content for our members.

Every class combines individually-tailored movements with a body-neutral ethos so you can enjoy the benefits of exercise without the negative aspects of mainstream fitness culture.

After much deliberation within the co-op, we have decided to start offering indoor strength training sessions again, initially for a trial period throughout August. Please read through our current COVID-19 policy before booking.

Our classes are at St. Anne’s House – foam.fall.sheets on What3Words.

We also have a library of online classes – see the On-Demand section of your membership.

Strength Circuit

Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays 18:00-19:00
Wednesdays 17:45-18:45

St. Anne’s House, BS4 4AB

All the benefits of resistance training without any of the crappy culture that’s become attached to it – just effective strength training with barbells and/or bodyweight.

Learn safe, efficient exercises that develop strength and mobility through moving against resistance. We will go round a circuit of movements carefully selected by our coaches to suit the needs of our members. Multiple options are given so you can choose an intensity that suits what you’re feeling that day.

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Not a Bootcamp

Tuesdays 07:15-08:00

St. Anne’s House, BS4 4AB

Start your day some invigorating movement! Not a Bootcamp offers outdoor strength and fitness training without the pseudo-military machismo that can come with the bootcamp format.

We will experiment with different forms and structures – circuits, games, challenges – so you can try out different styles of training and see what you prefer. All will get your heart rate up, and all will be done with an emphasis on fun and mutual support.

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Stretch and Strengthen

Tuesdays 19:15-20:15

St. Anne’s House, BS4 4AB

Flexibility training allows us to access new ranges of motion and restore lost movement, but doing this without strength and control can cause injury.

In this class Isidora will lead us through movements aimed at restoring mobility and building strength, all of which can be adapted to your current flexibility.

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Functional HIIT

Wednesdays 19:00-19:45

St. Anne’s House, BS4 4AB

Develop your fitness through short bursts of activity mixed with periods of rest.

A range of movement options are always given, so you can get an effective workout regardless of your current fitness and familiarity with the exercises!

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Undoing Sitting

Wednesdays 13:05-13:50

St. Anne’s House, BS4 4AB

With most of us spending more time at home than ever or doing sedentary jobs, it’s easy to spend a whole day moving very little. We can reach the evening feeling stiff, unmotivated, and unable to wind down, and the idea of doing an online class can be unappealing after a day in front of the laptop…

Instead, join us for this brief, half-hour class you can fit into a lunch break, in which Isidora leads us through a flow of movements specially chosen to meet the needs of whoever’s in the class that day.

We hope you can use these classes as part of a habit of taking movement breaks after long periods of sitting. Feel strong through increased ranges of motion, and explore the endless potential of your body in a pleasant sequence of novel and effective movements each week.

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Courses and Workshops

We also run workshops and 4-8 week short courses on specific aspects of health and fitness.