All of our qualified coaches take into account your individual needs and ability.

They will:

  • not make assumptions about your body, or your intentions for training
  • adapt movements to support your needs,
  • understand that everyone has different goals

Tim Fred-Jatto

Tim is a personal trainer who specialises in powerlifting and strength training for over 40s.


His approach to training is centred around using strength as an accessible tool for anyone to help them increase their understanding of their body and develop a strong and resilient body.


Tim’s aim is to help create a space where anyone can feel like they can get stronger, regardless of
their exercising background.

Isidora Vlachou (she/her)​

Isidora specialises in weightlifting, bodyweight strength and mobility training techniques.


She believes training allows us to connect with our bodies, and become aware of their ability to overcome pain, injury or disfunction.


Isidora’s approach is holistic and functional. Her goal is to create a positive mindset about movement, free from self- judging or image-centered approaches.

Barney Ball (he/him)

Barney specialises in gender-affirming body recomposition, pastoral correction, strength & conditioning, lower back pain, and injury rehabilitation.

He offers a safe and supportive space where any person can train comfortably, regardless of background or experience level.

Barney feels that exercise is one of the greatest tools for managing mental health, offering a stable, controllable factor to your lifestyle.


Dec Heaslewood (he/him)

Dec is a personal trainer who helps people exercise in a way that maximises joy, freedom and growth.


Dec loves strength training and weightlifting. He uses his experience as a squash player and CrossFit Coach to put together varied and fun sessions. 
Dec aims to co-create people’s experience, being led by your motivation and goals.

Charlie Bones (she/her)

Charlie’s workouts pair classic punk culture with simple aerobic exercises. She wants to share the benefits of physical activity with people who can’t stand gyms and gym playlists.



Charlie creates an environment where we can feel okay to make mistakes, get sweaty, and look silly, all while getting a good workout and enjoying some decent music.

Lucy Reetooraz (she/her)

Lucy is a Mindful Movement instructor local to St.Anne’s. She aims to offer creative, energising and yet inclusive movement classes with a sense of playfulness throughout.


Lucy has been a committed yoga and mindful movement practitioner since 2011. She has delved deep into the yoga and movement community in Bristol, and spent time in India exploring different practices of yoga.



Harry Mundy (he/him)

Harry specialises in strength training and compound lifting.


His passions include martial arts and he offers boxing fundamentals and padwork sessions to his clients.


Some people can find the gym an intimidating place so Harry tries to keep his training sessions and classes as fun and welcoming as possible.


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