Your first session

Photo of four people in a gym, doing a warm up before exercising.

Arriving for a class

We are based on the 2nd floor of St Anne’s House in Bricks.

Arrive to class 5-10 minutes early since our gym is only open for classes.

Entry instructions:

  1. Enter using the accessible door on the left of the main doors
  2. Use the intercom system on the left of the door
  3. You may need another 4-digit code to get through the second doors inside. Ask on the intercom if you need this
  4. Once inside, the gym is signposted to the second floor
  5. You can either use the stairs or the lift to get to the second floor

  6. Turn right and go through the double doors to find us

Photo instructions

What to bring

  • All equipment is provided for classes.
  • You might want to bring your own yoga mat for the warm up.
  • There is storage for bags by the door.
  • You might want to bring a bottle of water.

What to wear

  • Wear any clothes you feel comfortable in.
  • We ask that you take your outdoor shoes off to protect the floor.
  • Most people train in socks or clean, indoor shoes.

What to expect during class

  • All classes will start with a warm up to make sure we exercise safely.
  • A coach may ask if you have any injuries or other needs to be aware of.
  • Someone will read the Bristol Co-operative Gym statement, which outlines our values and how we train together.
  • Classes are often based around a circuit. You will move around the circuit with a small group.
  • A coach will move around the stations helping and advising people.
  • A number of suggested reps (repetitions of an exercise) and sets (amount of times you should do the reps) will be given. You can choose to use a range of weights.

Ability levels

  • All ability levels are welcome at our gym.
  • If you are a beginner, a coach can help you with anything you are unsure of. The exercises will always be explained first.
  • If you are familiar with strength exercises, you can lift weights according to your own ability.
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