All new members begin with three free class credits to be used in their first week with us – sign up here.

Alternatively, you may choose to Pay As You Go or book in via Move GB.

Co-operative members receive 10% off subscriptions and classes in exchange for their voluntary work in running the gym.


Our membership subscriptions offer the cheapest cost per session.

Standard membership costs £39 and we offer sliding scale options of £26 and £52 too, allowing members to pay as they are able to.

All give access to three classes per week and our archive of recorded sessions.

Payment is taken on the 1st of each month. You pay less if you start part way through a month. There are no hidden fees and you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time.

Person standing holding pole while raising one leg

£39 per month

This is our standard membership.

It is priced to meet our aims as a not-for-profit co-operative, which include being both fairly priced and financially resilient.

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£26 per month

If you want to train with us but your current circumstances mean you can’t meet the cost of a standard membership, this Maintenance Subscription is for you.

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Person in low squat holding barbell over their head
Person in staggered plank stance

£52 per month

If you can contribute more to enable us to offer discounted and free classes and memberships for people who need them, please consider our Supporter Subscription.

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If none of these subscriptions meet your needs – for example, if you need to pay less than £26 per month or would like to give more and help subsidise even more classes and memberships, please get in touch.

How do I choose which level is right for me?

It is up to you to choose where you feel you sit on the scale of £26 to £52 per month.

We are working on a blog post that will go into greater detail about the history and philosophy behind sliding scale pricing, and our version in particular.

In the meantime, we feel that this image from Worts and Cunning’s Sliding Scale blog post may be a helpful guide (click the image for a higher resolution version).

Pay as you go

£10 per session

Book one-off sessions or top up your membership.

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£15 per month

We have an online-only level of subscription for unlimited live online classes when they are available, and access to our library of on-demand classes.

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Move GB

Our classes are available via MoveGB too, which is a membership passport system that gives access to multiple activity providers across the country. The classes available and how much it costs will depend on your MoveGB membership.