The inclusive, body-positive gym that’s run by its members

We currently offer a range of sessions to access online from home for just £15 per month.

You can follow along live or access previous videos at any time via our chat group, where you can also ask our coaches any questions you may have and stay in touch at this strange and challenging time. Click here for answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Pay as you go, or sign up to a monthly subscription with no joining fees.

Being a co-operative means any decisions about the running of the gym are made by our members, prioritising your enjoyment and better health outcomes.

BCG takes a holistic approach to training that has enabled me to feel stronger, healthier, happier and more comfortable in my body than I ever have done.

BCG is a different way of doing a gym. It’s fun and supportive. There are no mirrors and the emphasis is on you achieving your goals in a safe and friendly environment.

BCG has opened up a whole world that I didn’t think was available to me as a queer lanky kid. Growing stronger in a supportive, no bullshit environment feels great. I’m learning loads about my body – its limits and its secret powers.

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