The inclusive, supportive gym that’s run by its members

Bristol Co-operative Gym is the only member-owned gym in the UK. We set up in 2016 to offer an inclusive, welcoming space for exercise free from assumptions around identity, appearance and ability.

Being member-run means we can provide social health and fitness activities tailored to our members’ reasons for training and develop a culture that supports us in achieving our goals, both individually and collectively.

Whatever you’re interested in getting from exercise, our timetable offers a diverse range of carefully-developed classes. Memberships and one-off bookings are fairly-priced and when you sign up you receive a week’s worth of classes as a free trial.

Bespoke classes for all abilities

Our timetable has been co-created to meet the interests of our members and get the best from our coaches. We collectively review its content seasonally to find the right balance of indoor, outdoor and online classes, at times that suit our members.

Every class combines individually-tailored movements with a body-neutral ethos so you can enjoy the benefits of exercise without the negative aspects of mainstream fitness culture.

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A figure leaning forward in a lunge position, both hands on their forward knee

Flexible pricing

As a not-for-profit co-operative society, we don’t depend on trapping people in memberships that they’ll never use. We offer a sliding scale of payment and some of our members choose to pay more in order to subsidise classes for others. We have no contracts and you can cancel at any time.

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Expert guidance from friendly coaches

Our coaches aim to empower everyone who comes to our classes to achieve what they hope for from their training and are particularly interested in working with people under-served by the mainstream fitness industry. They are committed to increasing and updating their knowledge so you can exercise effectively and safely knowing that great thought and attention have been given to your training plan.

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Independent and member-led

Being a co-operative means our gym is run by the people who use it, so all decisions are made in the interests of our members’ health. Anyone who comes to our classes is welcome to join and get involved. In the co-op you’ll meet other brilliant people, co-create your dream gym, and help pioneer this unique approach.

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BCG has opened up a whole world that I didn’t think was available to me as a queer lanky kid. Growing stronger in a supportive, no bullshit environment feels great. I’m learning loads about my body – its limits and its secret powers.