The inclusive, supportive gym that's run by its members

Community exercise space in Bristol

A colourful illustration of 2 people lifting weights.

Inclusive strength classes

All bodies, genders, ages and activity levels welcome! Build strength in a social and non-judgemental environment.

Fairly priced

Our sliding-scale supscription model means that more people can access our community gym space.

Class timetable

Social and inclusive circuit-based classes.Great for beginners and advanced people.

Personal coaching

Our qualified coaches can help with technique and give you different options based on your needs.

Community space

We are based in a community hub in St Annes. We’ve recently had a refurbishment with new equipment and flooring.

Cooperatively run

As the first cooperatively run gym in the UK, we have created a judgement-free fitness space.

"I am totally in love with BCG. It feels truly a held, knowledgeable, inclusive, safe, fun, social space. I've always had a virulent hatred of gyms to the point of almost being embarrassed at being 'caught' exercising but have happily come to realise how much exercising supports my mental health and feeling good."
Gym member
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