How the Tier System and a Possible Lockdown Affect our Timetable

Our aim of prioritising the health of our members feels more important than ever during this coronavirus pandemic. When the initial lockdown eased, although guidance allowed us to hold gym classes indoors, this would have used up our resources to such an extent that it would affect our ability to provide online sessions. After conducting a survey of all of our members, and researching the health advice related to how this virus can spread, we concluded that we would continue to use our resources to focus on providing our regular sessions as online only, and also add some outdoor sessions as resources allowed.

This blog post outlines how our timetable of sessions may change in response to the tiered Alert Level system and potential national lockdown.

Bristol’s current alert level can be found here, with more detailed reports here.

You can also find our risk assessment for in-person sessions in another blog post.

Tier 1 – Medium

Our timetable remains the same – a mix of online and outdoors in-person classes.

(It would be possible to have indoor classes as long as government guidance about ventilation and social distancing was followed, though as explained above we are not currently offering any indoor sessions.)

Tier 2 – High

No change for our timetable – outdoor classes are unaffected.

(Indoor classes for people who aren’t in the same household or social bubble would stop, if we had any.)

Tier 3 – Very High

It’s likely that this would also be no change for our timetable, but that we would refrain from using any shared equipment in outdoor classes, even with careful cleaning. Different councils negotiate different rules, so we would need to refer to these as and when necessary.

National lockdown

This would depend on the details of the lockdown, though it’s likely that we would stop any outdoors in-person classes and move them to online equivalents. Outdoors in-person classes would be replaced with online alternatives, and we’ll consult our members about what they’d most like those to be.

We will continue to keep you informed about any further changes that affect our timetable.

We hope that our sessions are providing some relief and thanks for sticking with us ❤️