Suspending Sessions

Hello again…

Things really are moving fast… A few hours after we sent out yesterday’s update about our session plans in response to the C19 outbreak, the government guidance changed to recommend that everyone minimise social contact as much as possible.

As a members-first health and wellness community business, this is obviously something we are taking very seriously. With all that in mind we have decided to suspend our group classes for the time being.

We do, however, intend to support you to stay fit and healthy, physically and mentally, at this unusual time. Here’s how:

Multiple Weekly Training Videos 

Each week, Isidora and Guy will provide a strength training and HIIT session for you to do at home with no equipment, so you’ll have four options for training each week. 

We might even do these as online live broadcasts so it can feel more social… We’re working on the exact form – let us know if you have any suggestions.

A New, Online-Only Subscription

The online sessions will be available to all co-op members and people who pay monthly subscriptions. We will set up a new subscription level that reflects the changing costs of providing session content online instead of at a venue. The exact price for this is being decided and we’ll have it in place by next week.

Because of the way we are paid through Move GB and other pay-as-you-go attendees, we can’t offer the online sessions directly to you. We invite you instead to join the new online-only subscription or to choose one of the co-operative membership options.

Whether you change to the new subs level is entirely up to you. This is going to be a tough period for the gym and we obviously appreciate any financial support to help us make it out the other side, but we are also aware that you may be dramatically affected yourself and don’t want that to restrict you from staying active in the coming weeks / months. 

We haven’t made any changes to your existing subscription or membership because we want to leave that decision up to you and some people have already kindly e-mailed to say they will be continuing their usual payments despite the change in service. Whatever you choose to do, you can manage your subscription through your TeamUp profile.

If you choose to cancel your subscription and would like a refund for the rest of the month, please get in touch.

Online Community

We are setting up a Slack workspace as a place to ask questions about the videos as they come out, and to generally support each other in staying active, healthy and not too bored…

Slack is a cross-platform instant messaging service (that also does lots of other things). You can access it through your browser or an app on your phone. If you haven’t used it before, there are tons of tutorial videos on YouTube and quite a bit of guidance within the app.

We will send out a separate invitation to everyone with subscriptions / memberships once everything is ready.

Other Options

We are open to new and inventive ways of providing sessions and support – do reply if you have any thoughts or suggestions about anything else we can be doing.

2020 Co-operative Memberships

This is not related to the virus but we need to e-mail round to announce that co-operative memberships for 2020 are now available.

You may remember that at the start of the year we announced our “bridging” memberships from January – March 2020 so that we could align membership dates with our financial year. We’re now ready to offer the full-year membership, which is on a sliding scale of £10-£50. You can buy these through TeamUp or via the Membership page on our website.



Take care. We’ll miss you! It’s a real shame not to get to meet up and train together, especially at such a stressful time, but this seems like the best thing to do. Do join us online for workouts and related distractions.

See you there!