All of Our Crowdfunder Rewards by Category

We are delighted to have so many donation incentives to choose from but appreciate it may be a little overwhelming!

Please find everything we are offering grouped by category below:

  • Gym merch
  • Other clothing
  • Food
  • Health and beauty
  • Music
  • Sponsorship
  • Workshops and classes
  • Personal training
  • Gym equipment
  • No additional reward

We hope you can find something you’ll enjoy! Many rewards have limited quantities so do act quickly if you’d like something.

We are enormously grateful to all our partners who have contributed something for us to offer. ❤️

Gym merch

Gym logo button badge


Our hexagon dumbbell logo as a badge! THE must-have accessory for Spring/Summer ’22.

Gym logo embroidered patch


Accessorise your gym bag / hoodie / whatever with this lush patch of our hexagon logo. Measures 75mm x 75mm. No adhesive or iron-on backing, so it needs to be stitched on (which lasts longer anyway).

A-Z of Strength Training zine


Over the lockdowns, when we were doing all our classes online, our coach Guy put together an A-Z of strength training to structure the workouts around. From A for Akharas to Z for Zander, discover a history of training in this little zine.

A great pairing to the accompanying videos in the On-Demand section of your gym membership!

BCG We Hate Gyms Too t-shirt

£38+ (25 available)

The amazing artist and co-op member Jayde Perkin has designed this much-requested black t-shirt with our good ol’ slogan “We Hate Gyms Too” across the front! Printed on organic cotton Stanley/Stella Creator shirts with sustainable inks. Size guide here.

BCG Double Overhead Press t-shirt


Jayde also specially designed this one – two pals lifting weights together! Dark orange ink on an off-white shirt. Printed on organic cotton Stanley/Stella Creator shirts with sustainable inks. Size guide here.

All the merch


Get the postcard, badge, patch, compilation, zine, and overhead press t-shirt for £10 less than if you got them all separately! Co-op gym everything!

Other clothing

Bristol Bike Project t-shirt

£10+ (1 available)

An ethically-produced organic cotton t-shirt of your choice from legendary bike co-op Bristol Bike Project – pick your favourite design at their workshop on Stapleton Road.

Bristol Bike Project cycling cap

£10+ (1 available)

Channel your inner Jacques Anquetil with a cap of your choice from legendary bike co-op Bristol Bike Project – pick your favourite design at their workshop on Stapleton Road.

Bristol Cable t-shirt

£12+ (5 available)

The Cable is a not-for-profit member-owned media company pioneering a more effective form of local newspaper. They have donated these t-shirts which are usually only available to people as part of their referral scheme.


Future Doughnuts prize draw


This donation gets you a ticket to win a box of six Future Doughnuts. Full terms and conditions can be found here.

Tea for two at Better Food Company

£12+ (2 available)

The local, organic and ethical deli are offering tea for two, to be redeemed at any of their cafés in Bristol.

Dinner for two at the Plough

£20+ (1 available)

This legendary Bristol pub has kindly donated a dinner for two.

1.5l sail-shipped Spanish olive oil

£28+ (1 available)

Save 20% on this delicious extra virgin oil from centenarian olive groves in Extremadura, produced by the Retamar family for generations and sailed to the UK by Feral Trade – a freight network running outside commercial systems.

Health and beauty

15% discount on nail art at Buff Bar

£5+ (20 available)

Get a discount off lush nails from this independent, ethical, super-creative LGBTQ+ nail salon.

Buff Bar Goodie Bag

£16+ (1 available)

Save 20% on this goodie bag containing cuticle oil and a lush Buff Bar tote bag and badges.

Pelvic floor health assessment

£80+ (1 available)

The specialist physiotherapist Helen Hodder, who hosted our popular Pelvic Floor Health Café a couple of years ago, has kindly donated this initial assessment for free! We are offering it at £10 off RRP.


Now That’s What I Call BCG Training Montage Music


A playlist of favourite workout tunes from our co-op members chosen in answer to the question “what would be the soundtrack to your Rocky-style training montage?”. A pretty diverse selection including Eddie Floyd, Sacred Paws and Selda Bağcan…

Two tickets for any show at the Exchange

£20+ (1 available)

Enjoy a night out at this local, community-owned, not-for-profit, independent music venue on Old Market!


Your name on our funders wall


As part of our design we have a wall listing everybody who helped make this dream a reality, to remind of us of the community behind our gym. Anyone who donates more than £10 will be included on the wall.

Name a kettlebell

£250+ (20 available)

We have 20 kettlebells in need of names. With this reward, you could name them! Pay tribute to someone (or yourself), make us endure some awful pun, or just go with the inevitable Kettlebell McKettlebellface. Thanks in advance…

Sponsor a barbell

£500+ (9 available)

With this reward we’ll ask you to create or collaborate on a custom design for the end cap of one of our eight barbells. Add your touch to this iconic piece of strength training equipment and be remembered every time we train!

Workshops and classes

A special collection of follow-along classes


Work with our coaches wherever you are in the world with this series of specially-recorded classes – warm up for running with Zoe, get stronger using your own bodyweight with Millie, build core stability with Isidora, and get fitter through HIIT with Guy and Punk Aerobics with Charlie. You’ll be able to access and repeat these workouts at any time.

Exercise and Lower Back Pain online workshop

£60+ (12 available)

Join our coach and corrective exercise specialist Isidora Vlachou for this online workshop exploring common characteristics of lower back pain, how to adapt your training and reduce the likelihood of it occurring again.

Core Stability for Weightlifting online workshop

£60+ (12 available)

Strong, safe lifts start from a stable core. Our coach Isidora Vlachou is a corrective exercise specialist and in this online workshop she’ll lead you through activation drills, positioning and bracing during exercise. Expect a mix of theory and practice, giving you informed techniques you can apply to your exercise routine.

Interactive History of “Good” Posture online workshop

£60+ (20 available)

Explore the fascinating origins of common ideas about “good posture” and how well they fit with the current scientific literature, the potential real downside of extended periods of sitting and some exercises and ideas that can help. Led by Guy Lochhead, we’ll try out popular resting postures from all over the world and consider the many reasons why we sit and stand in the ways we do.

Private Punk Aerobics party!

£80+ (3 available)

Charlie Bones offers the chance to enjoy one of her iconic Punk Aerobics sessions privately with a group of friends.

All the online classes and workshops

£250+ (10 available)

This includes the special follow-along classes as well as the Exercise and Lower Back Pain, Core Stability for Weightlifting, Undoing Sitting and DIY Training Plan workshops.

Save 15% compared to if you’d got them all separately.

Setting up a Co-op Gym consultation call


Thinking of setting up a co-operative gym? Please let us help! In this call, we can answer any questions you may have and advise on the process, from organisational structures to governance to managing your finances to building a team to delivering sessions, we’ve learned a lot over the last 5 years and would love to help!

Personal training

DIY Training Plan

£100+ (10 available)

If you can’t train with us in Bristol (or even if you can!), work with our coach Guy Lochhead to put together an effective, sustainable, fully individualised training plan and apply our approach to fitness to wherever else you’d like to train. This will be delivered in the form of three online small-group workshops.

A year of programming with online support

£500+ (10 available)

Bespoke, adaptable training that complements your life, delivered through our coach Guy’s own app. Beginning with an in-depth consultation, Guy will develop truly personalised programming for you to complete wherever you are and then check in every month to refine things. This price gives you 12 months for the price of ten.

Credit at local businesses

£20 Credit at Bristol Wood Recycling Project

£18+ (2 available)

BWRP is a co-operative social enterprise transforming waste wood into shared assets. This reward gives you £20 to spend in their woodshop in St. Philips. Two are available!

£25 Voucher for the Bristol Folk House

£25+ (1 available)

The Folk House is a Bristol institution providing part-time day and evening courses and workshops covering a really diverse range of skills.

A Year of Bristol Cable Membership

£30+ (1 available)

The Bristol Cable is co-owned by its members, all of whom can have a say in which stories to cover and the broad direction of the organisation. Membership starts at £36 / year so this is an opportunity to save a little money while supporting an important and innovative model of journalism.

Up to £350 credit at RyanBuildsWheels

£250+ (1 available)

Ryan is a co-op member and one of the UK’s very best custom bicycle wheel builders. With this reward, he will match your donation as credit at RyanBuildsWheels, up to a limit of £350. This is an amazing opportunity to get a chunky discount on a really high quality bike build.

Gym equipment

Shena push-up board from Body Mind Fit

£40+ (1 available)

Body Mind Fit have very kindly donated this shena push-up board, as used in the Persian varzesh-e pahlavāni training systems. We are offering this with 20% off RRP. Get a bargain, develop strength and mobility using ancient techniques, and support our cause at the same time!

Persian Meel from Body Mind Fit

£55+ (1 available)

This stunning handcrafted meel has been donated to us by Body Mind Fit, whose functional and sustainable equipment draws on traditional exercise cultures from across the world. Meels are swung for power, strength and mobility in the Persian varzesh-e pahlavāni warrior training systems. We are able to sell this for 20% off RRP.

Indian clubs from Body Mind Fit

£65+ (1 pair available)

Body Mind Fit’s range of functional and sustainable equipment draws on traditional exercise cultures from across the world. They have very kindly donated these high quality 1.1kg Indian Clubs with a slight imperfection so we can offer them with 25% off RRP. Get a bargain, develop strength and mobility using ancient techniques, and support our cause at the same time.

Donations with no additional reward

Our Eternal Gratitude


This was intended as a reward for people who didn’t want to receive anything in return – we didn’t realise there’s also a big donate button at the top of the page!

CSR Donation


For businesses who would like to donate anonymously and receive detailed info about the impact of their donation for corporate social responsibility reporting purposes.