Our Crowdfunder is Live!

Here we go! We have six weeks to raise £27,000 to make this dream gym a reality.

Wonderfully, we already have £12,500 of our total secured in match funding from Sport England and Power to Change, so we just have to raise £14,500 more.

With your help, we can do this!

Donate to the crowdfunder

We have around 40 different rewards – gym equipment, credit and discounts at local businesses, workshops, t-shirts and other merch…

Find an FAQ about donating here.

Tell people why this matters

This is a chance to pioneer a far more inclusive model of fitness that we feel really has the potential to catch on and provide an alternative to the usual toxic gym culture.

Here’s a folder full of images, videos and information that can help in putting together an e-mail / status.

People can donate individually or as a business / organisation, and we can provide detailed CSR reporting if that would be useful.

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We will be going wild getting the word out. Please share:

We’ve done so much since our first session in 2016 but we’re just getting started! ❤️