Free Trial

If you’d like to come and train, read through our aims and objectives and, if it sounds good, book a free trial by entering the discount code FREETRIAL when booking your session.

Monthly Subs

If you enjoyed your trial and would like to train regularly, we offer four types of monthly memberships (each named after a really inspiring super-athlete – Vulcana, Gwen Moffat, Lhakpa Sherpa and Lauren Lubin):

  1. Vulcana – £20 / month
    1.  for people who train with us once a week
  2. Moffat – £34 / month
    1. for people who train with us twice a week
  3. Lhakpa – £45 / month
    1. for people who train with us three time a week
  4. Lubin – £56 / month
    1. unlimited access to all our regular training sessions

Subscription costs are calculated based on our regular training sessions being available 50 weeks of the year.

Co-operative members (see below) get 10% off everything. Subscriptions can be bought through the widget at the bottom of this page or here.

Alternatively, you could pay per session (£7 or £8) or get a Move GB membership and attend through that.

We have no joining fee or other hidden costs.

Co-operative Membership

If you’d like to help make decisions about how the gym is run and get a discount on all classes, you can become a member of our co-operative. This is open to Move GB members too.

In addition to letting you make the gym how you’d like it to be and giving you a discount on class prices, membership hopefully means you will feel more invested in your training and will therefore be more likely to keep at it and see improvement.

Please read more about co-operative membership here.

Membership is priced on a pay-what-you-can sliding scale of £5-£50 a year and can be bought through the widget below or here.


All of our bookings are handled by TeamUp. You may access TeamUp using the widget at the bottom of its page, the “Login / Register” button at the top-right corner of the window, or through its mobile app. To install the app, follow the instructions for your handset here, using the URL

Step-by-step guide to buying a membership:

  • Select Login / Register
  • If asked to do so, allow cookies
  • Select No, I need an account and fill out the fields, deciding whether to login in future with e-mail or Facebook
  • If you’d like to buy a membership, click the Memberships tab at the top of the widget (do this before booking a session so you can get the related discount). If you wouldn’t like a membership, skip the next three steps.
  • Click ‘Purchase’ next to the membership that you’d like to buy. Payment can be made through Stripe or GoCardless for recurring payments (e.g. if you’d like your monthly membership to repeat).
  • Read through the terms and conditions of membership and then click ‘Purchase’
  • Enter your payment details and click ‘Purchase’