We enjoy inviting guest coaches to share their expertise with our members in short courses, workshops and events, introducing us to whole new ways of moving that we didn’t know existed. There are so many approaches to doing exercise; together we can find the way that you really enjoy.

Courses and workshops are not included in any memberships, though members of the co-operative get 10% off.

Short Courses

Short courses run for 4-6 weeks as an extended exploration of a particular area of fitness.

0-5k Running for Beginners

Fridays 07:15-08:15 in Eastville Park

Two blocks: 17th September-22nd October & 5th November – 10th December

Led by Zoe Banks Gross, this 0-5 km running course will help those who have never run, or who have got out of the habit for whatever reason. Instead of just following an app by yourself, this will be in a group with a supportive atmosphere. We will have fun! After the last session we will celebrate by doing the Eastville Parkrun together.

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Workshops are one-off weekend sessions that last 2-4 hours and give opportunity for a focused, deep dive into a subject.

Body Puzzles: Weightlifting Games from Denmark and Finland

Saturday 13th November 10:00-12:00 at St. Anne’s House

A unique opportunity to play some of the many village games and folk sports that were the main form of exercise in rural northern Europe until their decline in the 19th century.

These games challenge our strength and co-ordination through solving unusual physical challenges, contorting ourselves into strange shapes and using leverage or a partner to create resistance.

Drawing mainly from the research of Jorn Møller and Henning Eichberg, we will also explore the social function that these games had and consider how our gym and regular classes fit into that tradition.

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I loved the “Strongman Picnic” workshop we did during the summer! It was so much fun and knowing that people I knew from the co-op gym would be there made me a lot less anxious