Current Classes

All of the classes are held online using Zoom, and can be booked via the TeamUp calendar (or MoveGB)

Monday evening – No-Gym Strength Training

Guy coaches you through an effective, whole-body workout requiring no equipment. The programming is periodised in month-long blocks so you can maintain or develop your strength at home.

Tues/Thurs lunchtimes – Undoing Sitting

A brief, half-hour class you can fit into a lunch break, in which Isidora leads us through a flow of movements specially chosen to meet the needs of whoever’s in the class that day.

We hope you can use these classes as part of a habit of taking movement breaks after long periods of sitting. Feel strong through increased ranges of motion, and explore the endless potential of your body in a pleasant sequence of novel and effective movements

Tuesday evening – Posture. Balance. Strength.

Develop holistic strength, posture and body awareness in this new class with Isidora. We will take a creative, exploratory approach in which any movement can become an exercise. Expand your exercise “vocabulary” beyond the limits of the usual gym-based training and discover the pleasure of moving with intention and detail.

Wednesday evening – HIIT From Home

Develop your fitness through short bursts of activities mixed with periods of rest. The exercises Guy programs use require minimal space and no equipment, so you can follow along wherever you are.

Thursday evening – Stretch and Release

Isidora leads us in a sequence of calming movements aimed at restoring mobility and reducing stress at this challenging time. Using breathwork and self-myofascial release (SMR) to reduce tension in overactive muscles, we will relax into new ranges of motion.

Friday evening – Running Companion

Whilst lockdown measures are keeping us from holding outdoor group sessions, instead join in a weekly online check-in focused on running.

Guy will host an online group session in which we can discuss our past week’s running experiences and ask any questions about how to continue running safely and effectively (injury prevention, safe progression, measuring intensity etc.).