Small group personal training

We have some spots available for small group personal training with coach Dec! 🏋️‍♀️ Run with the same ethos and inclusivity as our group classes, small group PT gives people more personalised coaching and programming. This can be based on what you enjoy, or what you want to get out of training. Small group PT …

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Free community sessions from May

We are running a programme of free, accessible community sessions at Bristol Cooperative Gym over May and June 2023. These free sessions can help you discover new ways to move, feel better and meet others who are doing the same.

Photo of a group of people smiling and sweaty, lifting weights

Being a co-op member

One member shares their experience of BCG and why they decided to become a member of the co-op.

Ode to the strength circuit

When you arrive at Bristol Co-operative Gym (BCG), you enter a Grade II listed building and stand in front of a stage. A vast plyboard floor and a series of old sofas and chairs lies between you and it. For the last 5 years we’ve been training here at All Hallows Hall, but what the …

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Training and Your Pelvic Floor

Last year we hosted a Pelvic Floor Health Café with Helen Hodder, a physiotherapist specialising in pelvic floor function. Our coach Guy has written up his notes from the workshop, with an introduction to the pelvic floor, how to develop control of these muscles, and how to apply this knowledge in your strength training.

If You Can’t Sit Less, Sit Differently

Our coach Guy presents the anthropologist Gordon W. Hewes’s pioneering work from the 1950s that explored resting postures across the world, and relates it back to our working lives and an exciting workshop we’re hosting in a couple of weeks:

Understanding Programming: Volume, Intensity & Stress

In this wonderful article, Alex Holding introduces the foundational principles behind any effective training programme. This is highly, highly recommended reading for making sense of your programme sheet and informing your training in general.

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