Bristol Co-operative Games: Partnered Deadlifts

Thanks to all who joined us and supported us for our first co-op games in April.

It was such a euphoric, supportive competition where people were randomly paired up to share their collective strength.

This event really captured what’s so great about our gym. Double-deadlifts aren’t about what you can lift on your own, but how much you can lift together.

The competition 

We started the day with intros and names being randomly pulled out of the hat.

Director Lotte did a fab job of making sure everything ran smoothly, and everyone knew what was going on.

Coach Millie helped everyone prepare for the competition with a light warmup, and reminded us of the form she would be looking for in a ‘good lift’.

The pairs then had a chat and worked out what weight they would input for their first weight. They could have combined their own previous personal bests, or just took a good guess.

After coming up with a team name, pairs would input their name and weight into a spreadsheet. 

After lifting, they would come to Guy (chief of spreadsheet) and tell them which weight they wanted to try next. This part felt especially like an olympic weightlifting competition! 

Chief of Spreadsheet

Everyone had different techniques; some chose to go heavy right from the outset, and some chose to work their way up to heavier weights.

After everyone attempted their lift, there was such a loud round of applause and everyone came away from the mats with a smile! 

Lotte created some beautiful ‘good lift/bad lift’ lights especially for the occasion! Millie was in charge of judging, pressing a light once they had finished lifting.

There were 2 prizes in the competition: special co-op gym medals for the pair who could lift the most between them, and medals for those who improved on their personal bests the most.


After such a high-adrenaline morning we all joined together for a lunch supplied by member Rachel. It was an amazing spread of falafel wraps and salad! 

Rachel appearing out of nowhere with this spread!

We went for a walk through St Anne’s Woods and Nightingale Valley, which is such a beautiful spot to have so close to the gym. This was a great way to go a little slower and reflect on the day. 

Super Duper Co-operative Gym!

The day finished at local brewery Lost and Grounded, which supplied some great beers and boardgames!

Chatting and sharing is such an important part of the gym’s ethos, and this event really felt as though it captured that. What a way to spend a Saturday!

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