BCG and Me

One member shares their experience of BCG and why they decided to become a member of the co-op.

Ode To The Strength Circuit

Our brilliant member Leila Gamaz reminisces about her favourite of the regular classes… When you arrive at Bristol Co-operative Gym (BCG), you enter a Grade II listed building and stand in front of a stage. A vast plyboard floor and a series of old sofas and chairs lies between you and it. For the last… Continue reading Ode To The Strength Circuit

2nd World Sports Club Report: Tiro Con Honda & Ringtennis

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, we convened at the top of Eastville Park. After having a go on Nic’s recumbent, everyone started trying out the shepherd’s slings while Leila and I marked out the last of the Ringtennis courts between a father and son practicing football and a group playing frisbee. As the tennis and… Continue reading 2nd World Sports Club Report: Tiro Con Honda & Ringtennis

Training and Your Pelvic Floor

Last year we hosted a Pelvic Floor Health Café with Helen Hodder, a physiotherapist specialising in pelvic floor function. Our coach Guy has written up his notes from the workshop, with an introduction to the pelvic floor, how to develop control of these muscles, and how to apply this knowledge in your strength training.

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Our Story So Far

Our coach Guy was invited to speak at the Bristol Radical Herbal Gathering on the theme of collective approaches to wellbeing, alongside other excellent Bristol projects. It was a good chance to lay out the reasons for setting up the gym and why we feel there is a need for a co-operative model within the fitness industry.

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On Being A Co-op Member

Anyone who trains with us is welcome to become a member of our co-operative and help us make our dream gym. If you’re not sure if membership is for you, Rachel Hahn has written an article describing her experience of joining.

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