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The form below is for you to ask anything you’re curious about related to health and fitness. You can write in completely anonymously (unless you’d like to be contacted, in which case please give your e-mail). If you are writing to give us feedback on our services, please use our feedback page. If you are writing for some other reason, please use our contact page.

The world of health and fitness can be incredibly intimidating and the huge amount of (often conflicting) information available online can present yet another barrier between you and the stuff you want to do with your body.

If there’s something you’d like to know about, submit a question below! You can expect an answer based on scientific evidence, where available. If that’s not possible then an overview of the different schools of thought will be given instead.

The answer may be given as a quick link from our Facebook page to a decent existing article written by someone else or, if we think we could do better, we’ll use it as the subject for a blog post.

Thank you!

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