Undoing Sitting
Venue: Matter Wholefoods, 1 Greenbank Road, BS5 6EZ
Date: Mondays 19:40-20:40
Cost: £7 (£6 for members)
Coach: Guy Lochhead

In the UK, adults of working age sit down for an average of 9.5 hours each day. As we get older, this increases. Being so sedentary can cause a range of health problems, from heart disease and metabolic syndromes, to muscle weakness and loss of mobility.

If we imagine sitting, we most likely think of someone at a chair with their knees and hips at ninety degrees, head slumped forward, chest down. Our bodies are fantastically adaptable and so will make themselves really good at this – we might develop a weaker bum (glutes), shorter muscles at the front of the hips (hip flexors), reduced shoulder, mid-spine and ankle mobility etc. In this session, we will work to undo some of these weaknesses and reduced mobility (you can work on the heart / metabolic stuff at HIIT!)

Session content

We will help you de-stress and regain strength and mobility using a combination of:

  • muscle activation
  • resistance training (against bodyweight and elastic bands)
  • joint mobilisation
  • relaxation techniques


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