Touching Your Toes & Beyond

Venue: All Hallows Hall, 13 All Hallows Road, BS5 0HH

Date: Sunday 19th November, 16:30-18:30

Cost: £10 (£8 for members)

Coach: Isaac Lucksted

Come and learn to touch your toes or, if you already can, pike like a gymnast.

Flexibility training allows us to access new ranges of motion and restore lost movement, but doing this without strength and control can cause injury. Isaac Lucksted will build us up to becoming more flexible using super-effective techniques drawn from many disciplines.

Workshop plan


  • Improving body awareness – draw your attention inwards and “reconnect” with your body to find, understand and target patterns of tension more effectively
  • Movement patterning – show your body where to bend from and how to actively pull yourself towards your toes
  • Dynamic stretching – use movements that increase the range of the muscles we are interested in
  • Static stretching – hold new positions to show the body that they’re safe
  • Posterior chain strengthening – build strength in these new ranges of motion

Isaac Lucksted is an acrobatics and movement enthusiast currently studying under Emmet Louis. He came to flexibility training as an adult so his approach doesn’t assume any prior mobility. Drawing from circus, gym-based strength training and internal martial arts practices, he will help you get the most from your flexibility training.


Non-gym users, just turn up and pay on the door

Move GB people, find it on there – “Touching your toes and beyond”

Existing users of the gym, book on through the widget below:

  1. Scroll to November 19th
  2. Click on ‘Touching Your Toes And Beyond – Posterior Mobility Workshop ‘ and follow the instructions to book on.