Strongman Picnic
Venue: 11 Marsh Lane, Bristol, BS5 9SB

Date: Sunday 24th June, 13:30-15:30

Cost: £12 (£10 for members)

Coach: Henry & Ollie Roy

This workshop introduces the fundamentals of “strongman training” for strongmen of all genders and abilities.

This is a super-effective form of strength and conditioning training with a rich history that spans thousands of years back to the stone-lifting of many ancient cultures.

You will learn the techniques to safely and efficiently pick up stones and cars, lift logs over your head and drag jumbo jets (eventually…). We will try:

  • Yoke walks
  • Farmers walks and heavy carries
  • Atlas stones
  • Prowlers / sled / heavy harness drags
  • Rope pulls
  • Log pressing using Swiss bar
  • Barbell + speciality barbells (Axel and Hex)

If this all sounds like gobbledygook, don’t worry! We’ll be coached by experienced strongmen, Ollie and Henry Roy (a.k.a Bristol Personal Trainer).

The Roy-Gym backs onto Netham Park, so we can get all the equipment out in the sun and have some fun. After training, we’ll stick around and enjoy a potluck picnic – bring a dish!

Book on below (scroll to 24th June) or through Move GB – it will be listed there a week in advance.