Strength Circuit
Venue: All Hallows Hall, 13 All Hallows Road, BS5 0HH
Times: Mondays 17:30-19:00, Thursdays 18:30-20:00, Saturdays 09:30-11:00
Cost: £7 (£6 for members) or through Move GB
Coach: Guy Lochhead

Session content

We begin the session with a strange sort of warm-up – getting all our equipment out of the cupboard. Once this is set up, we’ll spend a few minutes lying down and breathing deeply to relax and focus on what we will be doing. After this, our Welcomer will welcome you to the space and talk through our Terms of Participation. If you haven’t signed them already, you will be asked to. After that, we’ll all do a quick physical warm-up to mobilise our joints and prepare our bodies for training.

During the session, everyone moves between four different stations based around different types of movement – squat, hinge, push and pull. There are three people at each station, taking it in turns to exercise and helping each other with preparing the equipment (loading the barbell etc.) and spotting (supporting each other to lift safely). We spend roughly 15 minutes at each station.

If it’s your first session, our coach will go round with you and work out the right sort of exercise for you to be doing at each station. They will write you up a programme (series of exercises, weights, sets and repetitions) for you to work from in future sessions and you will record your progress on this each time you attend.


All of our bookings are handled by TeamUp (below). Payment can be made through Stripe or GoCardless for recurring payments.

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