Prehab & Podcasts
Venue: Easton Community Centre, Kilburn Street, BS5 6AW
Times: Tuesdays 07:30-08:30
Cost: £7 (£5 for members)
Coach: Guy Lochhead

Session content

Lots of research has shown that sitting for more than 4 hours a day leads to increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and mental health conditions like depression and dementia. Alongside this, assuming that fixed position for such a long time can reduce muscular function, leading to decreased mobility, increased pain and increased risk of falls. Between commuting, working, and watching television / reading at home, the average British person spends almost 9 hours sitting down.

Starting a regular exercise habit is a great idea for beginning to repair this damage, but jumping too quickly into training that’s too intense can lead to injury. The aim of this session is to birdge this gap. We will use a range of techniques to develop strength at the end of the range of common problem joints – ankles, hips, thoracic spine, shoulders, wrists… We will develop the ability to put our joints in new positions and control their movement when they’re there.

    Among the techniques we will use are:

  • Active stretching (moving a joint to the end of its range dynamically)
  • Static stretching (holding a stretch)
  • PNF stretching (cycling between contracting and relaxing a muscle at the end of its range)
  • Drills to improve co-ordination
  • Drills to improve balance

By the end of the session your joints should be moving more freely, and the advantage of doing this early on in the day is that this should stick around and make the rest of the day’s movement feel better.


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