Low-Impact Strength Training
Venue: All Hallows Hall, 13 All Hallows Road, BS5 0HH
Times: Mondays 19:15-20:15
Cost: £7 (-10% for members) or through Move GB

Session content

Resistance isn’t futile! There are huge benefits to strength training, and this becomes even more true as we get older. All too often, though, these health improvements are obstructed by macho bullshit and unfamiliar equipment with no coaching. In this class, you will learn safe and efficient exercises that develop whole-body flexibility, mobility and strength through moving against resistance.

Every exercise will be explained in detail, with information about how to know you’re doing it correctly and things to watch it out for.

This session is designed for people who are new to this sort of thing. Come and start your strength training journey in a supportive and celebratory environment.


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