Frequently Asked Questions

How many classes are there?

We currently hold 4 different online classes throughout the week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

How do I book onto a class?

We use a booking management system called “Team Up”, you can book by logging in (link at top right of this page) and then viewing all available sessions in the calendar, or you can install the “Team Up Members” app (after you have registered) for your smart phone or tablet.

Android –

IPhone –

Do I have to be based in Bristol?

As our weekday sessions are currently being delivered online – you can join from anywhere in the world!

Who runs the classes?

We have two experienced professional personal trainers who run the classes – see the coaches page for more information about Guy Lochhead and Isidora Vlachou.

How much does a subscription cost?

£15 per month. This covers you for all standard (Mon-Thur) classes you attend, approx 16 classes a month. Additional workshops or training sessions we put on may cost extra.

If you are able to pay more we have left our pre-pandemic subscription pricing open as solidarity options, there’s no pressure to pay any more than the online only (“Qwop”) subscription, but if you want to pay more we appreciate it!

When will the money go out of my account?

A direct debit is taken in the first day or two of each calendar month. If you join in the middle of a month, only a percentage will be taken for the month when you joined.

Is there a joining or registration fee?

No, it’s free to join.

Is there a cancellation period?

Cancelling your subscription cancels any future payments. If you have already paid for the month, then you can still access classes for the rest of the month and then your subscription ends. You can rejoin at any time.

Can I pay per class?

Yes, check the Pricing page for the current costs and any discount codes that you may be able to use for “pay as you go”

Are there any current discount codes?

Yes, we always have the FREETRIAL for anyone who wants to try out a class before starting a subscription, this is basically a “first class is free”, and will discount the full cost of the class when you register, just make sure you enter the FREETRIAL code when booking.

There is also 20% off all “pay as you go” weekday evening sessions – enter PAYG20 when booking.

What if the timing of the livestreams classes doesn’t suit me?

During the session the coach records themselves and then each class is uploaded as a private YouTube video which is then emailed to all people who are paying for subscriptions, or have a co-operative membership. You can then watch at a time to suit you.

What if I want to do multiples of the same session per week?

We record the sessions, so you can attend a class and then use the youtube video to repeat the session as many times as you like.

Do I have to have my video on?

No, there’s no need to have your video on during a session. The coaches can give you tips on your technique if they can see you, but you only need to have your video on if you want to.

If I have my video on, will I end up on the recording that’s uploaded to YouTube?

Only the video of the coach is recorded. The coach also mutes all attendees so that only their voice/background noise ends up on the recording. If you unmute your microphone to ask a question when the session recording is active, then your voice will end up on the YouTube recording of the class (only available to other gym members). The coach pauses the recording from time to time to check in, and you can use the text chat window to type a question to the coach too.

How can I ask a question during a session if I don’t want to be recorded?

The coaches pause the recording at points during the classes to give attendees a chance to ask questions or feedback during the class, or you can type a question using the chat window.

How do I access a livestream class?

The livestreams are currently held using the “Zoom” online video conferencing platform. You can access Zoom calls either in your normal web browser, or using an application on your computer, smart phone or tablet. More information about how to work Zoom is available on their website –

To access our classes simply book online and then just before the class start time, go to your booking and click the link which will open a web browser window prompting you to choose how you want the Zoom video to load (e.g. a Zoom application vs the web browser)

Who decides what classes to put on?

The gym is a co-operative, voting members run the gym and do work like the admin, finances, communications, website and so on. The members also make any decisions including what classes to put on and when.

Do I have to be a co-op member to attend a class?

No, anyone can join the classes! If you’d like to join the co-operative you can find more details here.

What if I have other questions?

We have a chat group that’s open to any session attendees using a platform called Slack. Our Slack workspace can be accessed from a web browser or app on your smart phone / tablet / computer and is sent to those with monthly subscriptions. You can also email