If you are writing with a question related to health and fitness, please contact us at the email below. If you are writing about a business proposition or partnership, please read the following statement first.

Social media encourages us to make a ‘brand’ of ourselves, promoting our daily activities as if we are our own PR person, and we can find ourselves endorsing products without even realising. BCG was created as an antidote to how capitalism plays out like this in our lives, as an alternative to gyms that put profit for shareholders over the needs of users.

We are also conscious of how brands may seek to borrow the reputation of alternative projects to give their products an edge by association.

As such, we are unlikely to endorse any branded products, and have a set criteria for considering any proposed collaboration, which prioritises having a social interest and co-operative ethos.

We love receiving support and appreciation, but will never promote a brand in exchange for free stuff.

In a world where we are constantly required to exchange our labour and sometimes our wellbeing for profit, we hope this stance encourages people to think about when they are being asked to commodify themselves, and to consider alternative ways of being.

Thank you!