The inclusive, body-positive gym that’s run by its members

We offer a range of sessions and workshops at different venues around Easton / central Bristol.

Being a co-operative means any decisions about the running of the gym are made by our members, prioritising your enjoyment and better health outcomes.

Pay as you go, or sign up to a monthly subscription with no joining fees.

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BCG takes a holistic approach to training that has enabled me to feel stronger, healthier, happier and more comfortable in my body than I ever have done. Leila

BCG is a different way of doing a gym. It’s fun and supportive. There are no mirrors and the emphasis is on you achieving your goals in a safe and friendly environment. Paul

BCG has opened up a whole world that I didn’t think was available to me as a queer lanky kid. Growing stronger in a supportive, no bullshit environment feels great. I’m learning loads about my body – its limits and its secret powers. Rachel

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